WP VidXpress review

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WP VidXpress review

WP VidXpress review – Don’t buy it just yet!

Video ads can immensely help you and your business to connect with your ideal customers in a meaningful and different way.

WP VidXpress Looks to be a solid platform no doubt about it. I will try to explain why you should or should not buy this platform package in this review article.

Time Saver!

Let’s Start with the biggest pro. Completely done‐for‐you high converting video sites in 60 seconds flat! Now this is a really nice feature! Anyone who has ever built a website knows the pain involved in all that work.

I have built enough sites to know that it is not a fun thing to do. This is the main reason this software platform shines in my eyes! Set up is easy too! All you have to do is pop in your API from MailChimp, Aweber, or Getresponse  and then all your Amazon Affiliate information and you are done. WP VidXpess review


This does two things for you. When you find the high quality videos you want to post you also can pick weather to lock the content. After that get your products you want to promote from amazon and it automatically promotes them within your posts!


This does two things for you. When you find the high quality videos you want to post you also can pick weather to lock the content.After that Get your products you want to promote!

Click save campaign and it automatically creates a post!

Create Many Niches!

You can Create hundreds of video posts on one niche in no time at all. I like to make a couple of niches and see what one produce the most. I can go to [email protected], grab a .99 cent domain (for first year). Then throw that domain on my Site Ground host provider (Unlimited domains and lots of 1 click installs)! Quickly do a 1 click install of WordPress. Final step, install WP Vid Xpress and have an instant monetized site with SEO optimized videos ready to make money! Yeah that takes about 25 minutes max! That’s it, press a simple button and instantly get your own fully automated video marketing system that gets you more traffic, leads, and sales!

WP VidXpess review

[email protected] 99 cent domains saves you money!


A tip from Topher! If you keep going to [email protected] to get .99 cent domains make sure you specify you’re a new user then you can get unlimited .99 cent domains! I use these as test domains. Why not if they don’t work well it was only .99 cents!

SEO Ready Videos!

Another great feature I will point out in this Wp VidXpress review is the videos Wp VidXpress makes are just one click and SOE optimized! Anyone who is familiar with internet marketing know the importance of search engine optimization. This is a very cool feature since SEO is very complicated for new and even experienced marketers alike. If your site is search engine optimized you will rank high on google. Also, since videos are what google loves, getting in that top spot should not be a problem.

WP VidXpess review

Now for the cons of my WP VidXpress review. I am all for the platform and the fact that it is so easy to use. However, I feel if you can make your own videos then this is where you would shine! I know its hard for me to get in front of a camera, that is why your reading this instead of watching a video!

But with self-made videos and this platform there is no question you would be making some very nice cash. Now this does not mean you need to make every video. You could make one or 2 videos with  say an amazon product and slip it in amongst the rest and build from there.

Another thing the bothers me has nothing to do with the software but I think this needs to be said. The sales page has a heading of who can benefit from using this video platform? One of the list with a check mark was Lazy people who want easy profits. I am not a fan of this type of marketing!

This Is A Business So You Get Out What You Put In!

Is WP VidXpress a great platform that’s simple and easy to use? Yes, however this line of work is not for lazy people! You want to Quit your job and get above the grind? It takes hard work! If you want you can read more about that here.

Ok lets get on with the recommendation

Do I recommend this software, Yes? It is a solid platform that can make you real money for a long time to come. There is no limit to your income potential. Just keep putting up sites and watch them grow your email list and your bottom line!

WP VidXpess review

I also recommend you try hard to make your own videos. You don’t have to but it will make a difference if people see you and get to know you.

Topher, Where Is The Love?

Ah yes, the WP VidXpress review bonuses! If you want to try this software, it has a 30-day money back guarantee!

And you click on my link below then you will receive some nice bonuses! Have a look at what you get:


Modern Social Media Marketing

You get the Modern Social Media Marketing E-book and all its free modules that it comes with! Click the link above to check it out.

This will help you in the marketing of your new video websites to blast your sales!

WP VidXpress review

WP VidXpess Review Bonus

In the 99 pages You will learn:

  • What Social Media Marketing is and What it Isn’t
  • Why You Need to Do Social Media Marketing
  • Modify Your Social Media Marketing Campaign Based on Your Online Business Type
  • Content Curation: Your secret Social Media Marketing Weapon
  • Reverse Engineer Your Competitors’ Top Content


Commission Fire – Commission Fire’s 70 pages contains a great collection of technique that top affiliate marketers use to generate massive commission no matter what they are promoting.

WP VidXpress review

WP VidXpess Review Bonus

You will learn:
  •  Why affiliate marketing is the best path to earning online sales
  •  Learn to think like a super affiliate
  • The amazingly simple step you must take to avoid common mistakes that most new affiliates make that results in zero sales
  • and much more!


Social Traffic Rush – 94 pages packed with information on how you can get a rush of targeted traffic from social media in this 10-part course!

WP VidXpress review

WP VidXpess Review Bonus

Here’s what you’ll discover in this course:

  • Uncover the power of organic Facebook posts as well as Facebook Ads.
  • Find out just how easy it is to go viral on Twitter!
  • Discover the benefits of video marketing on YouTube, and how you can use this powerful tool to gain new  leads and drive traffic to your site!
  • See why celebrities are going crazy over Instagram


Unlimited LeadsIf you have an online business indeed, you are selling something. Whether it’s a product you own, a service you provide, or an affiliate product (or most likely multiple affiliate products). Whatever it is you’re selling, you need leads.

WP VidXpress review

WP VidXpess Review Bonus

Topics covered:

  • The System
  • The Offer
  • The Squeeze Page
  • Traffic
  • And more!



With these Bonuses added to Wp VidXperss  you will have the arsenal you need to conquer the Internet marketing battlefield!

Click Here To Get Wp VidXpress And Your Bonuses!

I hope this review has helped you make your decision easier thank you for taking the time to read my WP VidXpress review! —Topher










WP VidXpress

ONLY $14.93 !

Value for the money


Ease of use


How well it works


Do I recommend it



  • Auto SEO!
  • Auto translates the video into text for your posts!
  • Saves many hours!
  • Can definitely make some real money with it.


  • The auto translate needs to be structured better in the post
  • eventually you will want your own videos.

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