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Welcome to the Above The Grind  website!

Welcome to Above The Grind! You are most likely here because you have the desire that most every person does, to get above the grind!



What is the grind?  I will explain. Let’s take look at the average day for most working class persons. We get up WAY too early so to try to avoid traffic, which fails and we end up sitting in traffic anyway. Then there is 8 hours of work that the majority of us hate doing but have to because we need the money. Speaking of money, how much do we actually get paid? I am going to go out on a limb and say not enough! That is the basic definition of the grind  and every one have there own other personal thing to add to it. First let me define what rich WAS to me back in 1997. Rich was fancy cars, a huge house and I would be retired at 35! After chasing that for 20 years here is what rich is now. I have a Small house in the woods I have a Kia Sorento and I work 2 hours a day (not including facebook time answering questions), and the rest of the day my wife and I do whatever we want. That is my rich, but not everyone agrees with that so I call it getting Above The Grind and I am finally living there. I would like to show you that you can also do the same without spending a bunch of money or making all the mistakes I did.


What You Get Here


I started this website to show people it is possible to make it as an online marketer full time and to help them along the way. This site is loaded with lots of free content that you can download along with honest reviews on various software and training courses. With all the information on this site and the willingness to put in the work you will succeed. I look forward to seeing you Above The Grind!  — Topher

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