Social Traffic Rush E book

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Social Traffic Rush E book

Social Traffic Rush E book is a newly published E book and released April 30, 2018. If you have not heard of the Social Traffic Rush E book then read this quick review.

Social Traffic Rush E book

Social Traffic Rush E book



The first chapter of this book is a very important read for any one wanting to know about Facebook advertising. It explains the difference and pros and cons of organic posts vs Facebook ads and the results will surprise you. there are 12 pages on Facebook alone including how to really drive traffic to you site with Facebook.


Chapter 1: Facebook Traffic Rush

Organic Facebook Posts Vs Facebook Ads

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website Using Facebook Ads

Is Facebook The Right Platform For Your Business?


The second chapter is Twitter and it is also very informative. It explains what twitter is and also that it is the 12th most visited site on the planet! Additionally It informs you on how to set up your profile to be inline with other business social media and much more.


Chapter 2: Twitter Traffic Rush

Why Twitter Is A Great Platform For Your Business 

How To Use Twitter To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Are You Ready To Start Receiving Targeted Traffic From Twitter?


Not going through every chapter lol !


This book a great source of social marketing information in addition to what I just wrote It also has a great Redit and Instagram chapters also. Below is a snapshot of the other chapters in 96 pages


Chapter 3: YouTube Traffic Rush — MUST READ!

Chapter 4: Instagram Traffic Rush 

Chapter 5: Medium Traffic Rush 

Chapter 6: Reddit Traffic Rush 

Chapter 7: Quora Traffic Rush 

Chapter 8: Pinterest Traffic Rush 

Chapter 9: LinkedIn Traffic Rush 

Chapter 10: SlideShare Traffic Rush 

Indeed this is an E book packed with great information on all the major platforms. It is definitely a great source of information. I only had one complaint that it is kind of wordy with no pictures, which sucks for me because I am a slow reader. I guess you could say its so packed with information that it did not have room for pictures? Sure! Lets say that to put that positive spin on it. Well the concludes this short review. I recommend you grab this one while it lasts and I will see you Above The Grind!  –Tohper


This book is a great one for your arsenal especially if your just starting out. However don’t let that statement sway you because even the seasoned guys will definitely learn something here. If you want Check out the sales page for Social Traffic Rush.

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Social Traffic Rush




Value for the money


Easy to read


Do I recommend it



  • FREE with sign up!
  • Packed with useful information
  • All 10 platforms covered


  • No pictures makes it boring

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