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Getting Above The Grind Cheat Sheet

The Cheat Sheet is just a little guide to help you along your online success journey.
I have been in the trenches for many years of extreme late nights and endless working hours.
We all want to get above the grind, I understand that but read this and learn from it I think it will help.

Have you ever wanted to work online? Perhaps you have an idea of what that might
look like…  Looks good right? But unfortunately, many of us will be misled in this regard.
We expect fame and fortune but instead we get stressful late nights working in our P J’s
but there are a few steps you can take to ensure that this doesn’t happen so that you can live the life
you really wanted.
Here’s what you need to do, outlined in a simple and easy cheat sheet for your convenience….

Understand the Problem

The problem comes often from spending too much time working ‘for your business’ and
not enough time working ‘on your business’. Sounds like semantics but the problem is
that we can get so caught up with trying to keep our business going  – often driven
by fear – that we end up never making any progress. Moreover, we end up working on
the dull and less inspiring parts of our business and never getting time to do the things
we love.
How many internet marketers actually spend all their time writing low quality SEO
articles for other sellers?
Or pedalling poor quality digital products that they have no real interest in or faith in?
How many people spend their evenings working because they aren’t earning enough in
a day? Or because they don’t know how to switch off.
The other problem is with work/life balance. Many people imagine wearing a suit,
feeling highly successful and spending lots of time on expensive yachts. In reality, many
internet marketers end up working out of their bedrooms, spending most of the day
unwashed and running on very little sleep. I know I spent many 48 hour days.
You need to change all this.

Deciding on the Lifestyle You Want

The first way to change this is to decide the lifestyle you want.
 How much do you want to earn?
 What kind of work do you want to do?
 Do you want to be famous?
 Do you want to live abroad?
 Or would you just like to spend more time with your family?
Now you need to find the work you have to do to support this lifestyle. Instead of
working harder and harder and spending more and more – know what you want and go
and get it.
Work no more than you need to, to accomplish this.
At the same time:
 Outsource work you don’t enjoy doing
 Automate and set up systems
 Find colleagues and business partners to help
 Set strict 9-5 working hours
 Consider travelling
o You can become a digital nomad, or simply travel a little more.

Love What You Do

The cheat sheet golden rule!
We have a golden opportunity here! We get to choose exactly what we want to do.
This line of work takes time and dedication so you will need to
ensure you are passionate about what you are doing.
This means it isn’t enough to just sell an ebook on weight-loss.
Because even if it goes well: you’ll spend all your time writing about weight loss.
And unless that is your passion, this isn’t something that you’re going to enjoy doing!
So instead, you need to make sure that you find a topic you love and
that you create content you are proud of.

Always Be Selling

You need a steady stream of income. This is where the menial work does
come in. This is where you will be selling products for cash and where you will be
promoting other websites through old SEO techniques.
This is to give you the time and the money you need to work on your dream projects.
You will work for a set amount of time to earn the necessary amount of money so that
you can use the rest of your time to work on the business.

The Image of Success

Now where does the image of success come from?
It’s from this: creating the space you need to work on the business. To chase after the
goal. It’s having that concrete vision for the lifestyle you want and then creating the
time and space to go after it.
And that might mean turning down some money in the short term. It might mean
turning down the possibility of some growth and some success in the short term.
At the same time, make sure that you are investing in you:
 Dress for the job you want
 Give yourself time at the start of the day to keep your home in order, your
clothes, your grooming
 Network with people
o Attend conferences
o Networking events
o Meetups
o Speak on forums
 Internet marketing like so many other things is about who you know
 And this will help you to move in the circles that lead to success
Look after yourself: exercise, get up and walk often, don’t work in the same room,
meditate, practice discipline. Eat the right diet, get enough sleep.
Again, this might mean taking a step back. It might mean saying no to some shortcome
income. But if you have your eye on the prize, if you really love what you’re working
toward, you will do it.
The perfect lifestyle won’t come overnight. Like anything worth having, it takes time,
work and sacrifice.
Do you have what it takes? If so I will see you Above The Grind!  I hope you liked my Cheat Sheet -Topher

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