The Amazon Affiliate Method

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The Amazon Affiliate Method

Why choose The Amazon Affiliate Method? I get that question  a lot from people I talk to off line.

Believe it or not most of them still consider it an online book store! So I explain to them  that Amazon did start out as a bookseller years ago and was  mostly focused on being a book marketplace.

Amazon Affiliate Method

Amazon made $178 billion in revenue in 2017!

This is no longer true now though. Amazon is arguably the internet’s #1 internet retailer. There are literally millions of people going to Amazon everyday for purchasing products.

Amazon has expanded beyond books and now sells all kinds of products. You find everything from groceries to modern electronic components.

Also many products get free shipping added for customers who are Prime members!

Then I hit them with Amazon brought in about $178 billion dollars in revenue in 2017!

What if you could gain access to this growing pool of customers? Imagine even having a small piece of the pie rolling to your bank account.

Is Amazon Still A Good Source Of Income?

With there last Commission change people like me took a pretty good smack in the face (this is why I see my ventures as stock and diversify).

I am not going to lie there commissions are pretty low but with a good article you will make plenty of sales of each item you write about.


Amazon Affiliate Method

Amazon Commissions


You’ll need to have a good amount of traffic to your website in order to get enough visitors clicking and buying to make real money with the Amazon affiliate method.

Any endeavor with affiliate marketing is a longer term strategy. Expecting to make a ton of money in the first three months is not realistic.

However, it is possible to start making a good chunk of change in the first six months. Remember this is a job, scratch that this is our new career we are working towards!

The single most important thing to getting that traffic is creating good articles will bring more people to your site and keep them engaged.


Creating Good Articles


Remember that you are selling something that people want. These people don’t know who you are and they are always skeptical.

Your article, whether its a review or just information about a product should teach someone at least one thing they did not know.

Amazon Affiliate Method

Amazon Affiliate Method

That keeps people engaged and also builds trust with them.

Creating engaging articles can only come from writing about something you like.

There is nothing worse than having a product that you have no interest in.

Even if it sells well you’ll be spending a lot of your time promoting something you don’t care about. That’s just boring.

Having some interest in the products will at least give you some motivation to do the research about specs and benefits.

The types of posts you’ll want to consider writing:

Deep Review Posts – really detailed reviews that will give your reader a clear

idea of the pros and cons of a product. Normal reviews can be found on Amazon.

In depth reports need to go into more detail.

You can combine information from reviews of other products and create a deep review.

Compare and Contrast – This type of post puts several similar products against

each other in a head to head comparison. You’ll want to think about which

criteria will be important for potential customers to consider.

How to Use – A good post or video on how to use a product is a great way to

showcase the product. You can include affiliate links so that people can go buy.

Roundup and List Posts – Round up posts allow you to put together a bunch of

products and links for visitors to consider. This can be linked to deep review posts or go to Amazon directly.

After you write your articles make sure your site is SEO optimized! This is your greatest asset in gaining traffic and its free traffic!

If you need help with this I have a course that is absolutely amazing and shows you step by step how to create a site from the ground up SEO optimized.

Read my Traffic Victory Review HERE!

So to finally Answer the question, yes, It is still a good time to get in and start making money with the Amazon affiliate method.

Amazon is much more than a place where you can buy books, it has transformed into a platform that enables people like you and me to make a good steady source of income.


Hey Topher! Where Is The Free Stuff?


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Amazon Money Machine

Amazon Money Machine

I have an E book to give you with all the information you need to get started making money with Amazon. It is called Amazon Money Machine.

This E book is Packed with information you need to get started right away.

This guide will give you an overview of the various ways you can make money through Amazon and how to do it correctly without breaking there rules (yes they are very picky on how to sell there products).

Hope you enjoy it and good luck on your new venture! Feel free to ask me any questions on Facebook! See you Above The Grind! —Topher



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