Ad Target Drill Review

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This Ad Target Drill review comes from personal experience. I only review software and training I my self have used. What this course teaches you is a strategy Ivana started using in the past 6 months that has been boosting her revenue a lot, and it is so simple to use. This can be used for any niche market. It will deliver conversions, and that means…more money in your pocket.

Ad Target Drill Review


First off I liked the people who created this training course. They are very well known in the affiliate marketing world. Ivana Bosnjak and Ram Rawat together have produced quite a few products and have generated multiple thousands of sales!

Yes, I think Ram looks funny with those glasses but that does not make him any less of a great product producer!Ad Target Drill Review

The Course

So I picked this training up so I could learn a thing or two about Google Ad-words. I have personally not ever used it due to lack of knowledge. So here is what I think about this training course.

The training that you receive with this course is both a very detailed PDF that you follow along with over the shoulder videos. Ivana goes Step by Step on how to set up a google ad-words campaign and since its all videos its easy to follow.

The first step in this whole process is to find a product you want to promote. Ivana will also show you how to go about promoting the best converting affiliate offers from JVZoo and Warrior Plus and other affiliate sites.

Now you can use this technique if you sell your own products, and Ivana explains that also.

Step By Step Explanations

As for this review, I use it for affiliate marketing so that is what this Ad Target Drill review is going to be for. Below is a caption from the course as  it is explaining how to pick the best affiliates from JVZoo.

Ad Target Drill Review

Ad Target Drill showing how to pick the top products at JVZoo

This course goes very in depth about how to choose your product you want to promote. It goes through all the stats and why they are important so you can make the best decision.

Ad Target Drill Review

Ad Target Drill showing how to pick the top products at Warrior Plus

Ad Target Drill also give you detailed information about how to watch for future product launches with Munch Eye. Whats great about this is you can have your page all set up with affiliate links before the product is released!

If you do not know how to make websites quickly they have some pre made all done for you sites. You can have a site up in no time at all for an extra $17! (well worth the price) You will see them after you purchase your training course.

Some vendors are picky about who they let promote there products (new people mostly) but Ivana explains how to go about getting approved, and she even gave us a cut and paste request letter!


Ad Target Drill Review

Munch Eye is a great place to find all the launch dates

Facebook Ads Training

Ad Target Drill course also shows how to create Facebook ads step by step. I thought this part could have been a little more in depth but, since the focus for the course is about Google Adwords its fine. The course still does a great job on showing you how to create Facebook ads step by step.

Ad Target Drill Review

Step By Step Facbook Ad Creation.


Since I think there is a bit more tweaking to be done on the Facebook ads I have added a must have E-book Modern Social Media Marketing. This along with my other bonuses will round out your arsenal perfectly.


Pros and cons

First The Ad Target Drill review pros. 

  • I love the the step by step PDF + the follow along videos that takes you by the hand over the proven ad strategy that brings in massive results.
  • This is why Ivana puts in the money back guaranty, as long as you follow her on the videos you can’t go wrong!
  • After this course your skills will be in demand! You can make some great money doing this method for others!
  • Even if you’re a complete newbie or established marketers, you will find this strategy essential to your marketing efforts.
  • You can use this system for any online business not just for affiliate marketing.
  • It just plain works!

Now for some cons.

  • I thought the videos were great and easy to follow along to but the video quality was 480 only? That is terrible that’s 2010 stuff!
  • In her videos Ivana goes fast! I found myself pausing quite a bit so as not to miss any thing.
  • The Facebook training was great but no secret methods there. Again, I will be giving a great E-book to cover that.

So What’s The Above The Grind Recommendation?

In this Ad Target Drill review I went over the pros and cons of this training course. Now for my opinion, I think this is a must have course for ANY online marketer! This truly has been a game changer for me. This Course will be a game changer for you also! You cant afford to pass this up, for the small price and money back guaranty it is a no brainer!

Topher, Where Is The Love?

Ah yes, the Ad Target Drill review bonuses! If you want to try this software And you click on my link below then you will receive some nice bonuses! Have a look at what you get:

Ad Target Drill review

Ad Target Drill Review Bonus

Modern Social Media Marketing – The Modern Social Media Marketing E-book and all its free modules that it comes with! This will help you kill it on Facebook! Click the link above to check it out.

In the 99 pages You will learn:

  • What Social Media Marketing is and What it Isn’t
  • Why You Need to Do Social Media Marketing
  • Modify Your Social Media Marketing Campaign Based on Your Online Business Type
  • Content Curation: Your secret Social Media Marketing Weapon
  • Reverse Engineer Your Competitors’ Top Content




Ad Target Drill review

Ad Target Drill Review Bonus

Commission Fire – Commission Fire’s 70 pages contains a great collection of top techniques that high level affiliate marketers use to generate massive commission no matter what they are promoting.

You will learn:

  •  Why affiliate marketing is the best path to earning online sales period!
  •  Learn to think like a super affiliate
  • The amazingly simple step you must take to avoid common mistakes that most new affiliates make that results in zero sales
  • and much more!






Ad Target Drill Review

Ad Target Drill Review Bonus

Guide to Successful Online Freelancing – Since one of the parts Ivana covers is using your new skills for a business I thought this would come in handy!

Here’s what you’ll discover in this report:

  • Freelancing – 21st Century Way of Making a Living
  • Cool Benefits & Drawbacks
  • How to Get Into The Freelancing Business
  • Where To Look For Customers In Masses
  • In Closing: Is Freelancing Really The Way To Go?





Ad Target Drill review

Ad Target Drill Review Bonus

Social Traffic Rush – 94 pages just stacked with information on how you can get a ton of targeted traffic from social media in this 10-part course!

Here’s what you’ll discover in this course:

  • Reveal the power of organic Facebook posts and Facebook Ads.
  • Discover how easy it is to go viral on Twitter!
  • Learn the power of video marketing on YouTube, and gaining new leads and driving traffic to your website!
  • See why celebrities are loving Instagram so much






Ad Target Drill review

Ad Target Drill Review Bonus

Unlimited LeadsIf you have an online business then you are selling something. Whether it’s a product you own, a service you provide, or an affiliate product. Whatever it is you’re selling, you need leads.

Topics covered:

  • The System
  • The Offer
  • The Squeeze Page
  • Traffic
  • And more!






With these bonuses added to Ad Target Drill  you will have the arsenal you need to crush it in  the internet marketing business!

Click Here To Get Ad Target Drill And Your Bonuses!

I hope this review has helped you make your decision easier thank you for taking the time to read my Ad Target Drill review! —Topher




Ad Target Drill


Value for the money


Ease of use


How well it works


Do I recommend it


Video Quality



  • step by step PDF + follow along videos
  • After this course your skills will be in demand!
  • You can use this system for any online business not just for affiliate marketing
  • It works!


  • video quality was 480 only
  • The Facebook training was great but no secret methods there
  • Ivana goes fast! I found myself pausing quite a bit so as not to miss any thing.

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