Above The Grind

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Can I Get Above The Grind?

Thinking you need to get above the grind? First of all ask yourself these questions.

  • Are you tired of working that nine-to-five job? 
  • Tired of your listening to your boss?
  • Are you tired of working to make someone else more money?
  • Tired of the morning and evening traffic to and from work?
  • Want to work at home avoid all that stuff? Do you like the thought of making a living on the Internet?


Above The Grind

Most of those questions are actually titles or subject lines to spam emails you get right? They offer get rich fast schemes, just fill out a couple of surveys and get paid a lot of money, make money surfing the internet, or get paid to shop at certain online stores, you get the idea.

Why doesn’t everyone do this?

Want the truth about starting a new internet business from home? I will try to explain some of the facts about owning your own home business based on the web. I will be as blunt as possible and realistic. I will tell you how to avoid the hype and tell you the realistic facts about how to start and maintain your own web-based Business and get Above The Grind! Are you with me? Let’s do it.

Above The Grind

As far as I know this can’t be done legally!


I’m sure you’ve all read the many stories of people with nothing having become millionaires on the internet. And I am sure you have received tons of spam emails promising you that opportunity, all you have to do is buy this e-book, this software program, or become a member, again you get the idea.

Yes I am an MLM hater!

Above The Grind

They will not get you Above The Grind

If you are still reading this I must make it my first priority to tell you to avoid Multi-Level-Marketing or MLM programs. Yes, they have been around for decades even before the Internet was in everyone’s home, but since then they have boomed.

There are hundreds of programs that offer to get you in on the ground floor. All you have to do is sign up and the people you sign up will make you rich.

My first online “business” was an MLM then my second, third, fourth etc…Now some of these programs are legit but let’s face it you are far up from the “ground floor” and still, most of these are actually pyramid schemes.

If the primary goal is to get new members under you and not to sell products, then it is likely a scam, so beware of those. MLM’s promise that you need not work hard to make money.

The truth is the ones who make money actually work very hard and long hours I know this because I lived this for many years and never made it above the grind. This is probable why I am a MLM Hater!


The first thing you should know about starting any business online or brick and mortar is that it is hard work. You didn’t like your boss? Wait until you are your boss.

above the grind

Yes, It takes a lot of work to get above the grind!

For some reason many people think that while starting a regular business offline is hard work but starting one on the web is easy. This is due to the fact that we get so many emails promising to make you rich with little or no work at all.

When you start any business, be it a store, a gas station, or whatever, you know you will have to go in everyday, put in long hours and work hard and smart if you are going to become successful. Starting an online or home business is no different.

If you are not prepared to put in the hours and the work, you will not be any more successful online than you would be offline.There is no such thing as a shortcut, magic pill, or marketing plan that can make you rich online without hard work.

If you are not prepared to put in the time and the work necessary to make your online business successful, please don’t quit your day job and just continue being a consumer on the web instead of trying to find a way to get rich without doing any work. WOW Topher why so harsh?

above the grind

I know that may sound harsh to you, but the web is full of people trying to get something for nothing and we don’t need any more of those people. However, if you are a person who is willing to put in the work, the web can be a great place to make your living.

Still Here? Good, Lets Get Started!

So, OK how many are still with me right now? Hope I didn’t scare you off. So now that we got the harsh reality out of the way we can focus on how to start your online business and let’s get Above The Grind.

First things first, how do you get started? Well, first of all, what interest you? If you choose a business you don’t have a lot of interest in, you will find it very difficult to stay motivated. Deciding what online business to have should be based on your interests.

Most online businesses require having a website so we are going to start there. Let’s say you have chosen what you are going to sell, whether it is goods, services, or promoting affiliate programs.You will need a domain name.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of domain names registered on the Internet. Creating a registering a good domain name makes your website stand out and become easier to find.

Above The Grind

Most people think that they should have a catchy domain name that equals the name of their business this is not true. A generic domain name that contains a keyword or two that describe your products or services are best.

Your company name will be displayed on the front page of your website, but the domain name is what people will remember and keeps them returning.

Where do I register my domain name? There are many cheap registrars out there and I think they are fine, I use them all the time however, if your new to all this I would go with a registrar that has lots of services that can provide you help you along the way.

My favorite is Porkbun (yep, I just slipped in an affiliate link). They have great customer service. Now for the cheapest there is 1&1 they offer .99 cent domains for first year! There navigation interface I don’t care for but I never had a problem with their service.

Now remember, if your new and just getting started and have no clue about registering domain names then please spend extra for services. Do you really think saving $20 per YEAR on your domain name is going to make or break your above the grind dreams?

If so, stop now, go back to your day job because this is not for you. There is that Topher bluntness again! 

Ok you got the domain name, now what?

Above The Grind

 You will need a hosting provider for the new website you are going to build. Again, look for the hosting that provides you the most services.

You’re going to want:

  • 24-hour support.
  • You want a lot of hard drive space,
  • and most of all you want lots of bandwidth.
  • You need easy access to your files and a control panel
  • ftp access.
  • You also want a host who provides a lot of extras like one click installs of content managers, and other scripts for forums, blogs like WordPress, and more. The more they offer, the better, because who knows where your business might lead you.

    Above The Grind

    Above The Grind Uses Site Ground!


I must recommend Site Ground, once I started using them I switched all my websites to them. They provide unbeatable service and there built for speed! In today’s internet speed is king when it comes to ranking on search engines.

Avoid cheap hosts at all costs. They are slow and their service is terrible. A cheap host is just that, a cheap host.

You now need a website to put up on your new web host. There are places you can buy sites like Ebay and other sites that sell pre-made websites that are ready to go or you can have one built to your specifications by a web designer.

You can also learn to build your own website and save money, but this is not an easy task you need to really learn about building sites and that will delay you from getting started on focusing on your new business.

If you decide you want to build your own site the important thing to keep in your mind at all time is SEO.

What the Heck is SEO?

Above The Grind

You need SEO optimization to get above the grind!

That stands for Search Engine Optimization. Building a website that is not optimized for the search engines or one that does not function or navigate easily will drop your rankings on a google search and ultimately hurt your business.

If you want the most comprehensive guide I have personally seen check out this review. Marc, the guy giving the training is amazing.

He actually builds a brand-new site from ground up. Including coming up with a name and buying a domain and getting hosting then building a perfectly SEO optimized site! Again, Check it out HERE.

These days people have the perception that their website must be beautiful in order to be successful. They think they must have flashy introductions, dynamic content, great graphics, if that were so you would not be reading this post on this ugly site!

None of those things will help you become successful on the web. Now don’t get me wrong those things great to have, but do not put too much importance on the shiny things. The promoting of your website will be the key to its success along with the content.

In today’s internet content is key. Those are the things you will need to focus on if you wish to have a successful online business.When building your website or buying one, make sure that it has a lot of text content rich with keywords that apply to the products or services you will be offering.

You want it to look professional, but you don’t need it to be too flashy.

Promoting Your New Site

Now that you have your domain name, your hosting, and your new website. You will need to promote it. Here on the internet people don’t just show up!

Above The Grind

 You have to put your website in front of them.This is where the hard work starts. This is what will demand the most of your time and energy, because if you do not promote your site, customers will never come buy what your selling. They won’t find you out of the millions of websites out there.

You have to work harder than the next guy. You have to be willing work harder to promote your website for more hours than that guy. And you have to beat that guy to the latest methods of website promotion.

There are several things you will be doing with your new website. First get content as fast as possible, check out Fiverr for some really cheap writers. You will be writing articles like this one mostly on products and services you sell and topics related to them. You will also spend time submitting these articles you wrote to websites that offer free content to webmasters.

A lot of website owners are in need of good original content. They visit these content providers and grab articles related to their products and services then stick those articles into their own websites. Since your article will have an author bio section at the bottom with links to your website, every website owner that uses your article in their website is now another website that links back to you.

That increases your link popularity, which is a very good thing as far as search engine crawlers are concerned. Writing one article everyday will move you up in the search engine rankings. That’s like free web traffic and traffic means sales!

Post a lot on blogs and forums that pertain to your products or services. Then in the signature line you throw your website link in there. It is subtle but you will be creating another  link to your website. You are also participating in the forum or blog. There may be some users there want to see your website and might want to buy your product or services.

But Topher, I am Not A Writer!

Not A Problem! There are a lot of freelance websites out there Like Upwork where you can post the job you want done and people will bid on doing the job for you. That is a good way to find a web designer or content writer. They will do a good job for a competitive price. Then there is the king of cheap labor Fiverr ! This site can be a game changer. You can hire out most all your content writing from there.


Oh and don’t forget to put your website link into your email, business cards, and on any letterhead. Your offline media as well. Having your own business, whether online or brick and mortar is a way of life. It is no longer that nine to five grind. So be sure you are ready to take that step and do whatever it takes to be successful. Because If you are not ready to work then having your own business is not for you. Yes, this was a harsh ending! Let me soften that up a bit. If you’re truly ready to get Above The Grind my opinion is its totally worth it! See you Above The Grind —Topher

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