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A little about me

  About MeMy name is Topher White,

Let me tell you a little about me.  I have been making money online since the internet was a way to make money. Yes that’s right I have been at it a while. Couple of my biggest money makers in the late 90’s to early 2000’s were those banners that you opened up on your

desktop and you got paid to surf. They didn’t pay much at all I think fifty cents a day was max you could earn. But they had a structure similar to a multi level marketing. That triggered my inner lazy guy! I thought to myself, Can I make enough to just stay home? That one

thought hooked into me deep!After the first year four other big advertisers were doing the same type of program. I got into all of them and encouraged my down line to do the same. I made pretty fat stacks of cash fast! Then my next money maker was when PayPal

started up!They offered five bucks to to sign up new users. And I believe they gave the new user five bucks too! Can you say easiest money ever? I was making so much money so fast I quit my job. Thinking to myself, wow this is just way too easy. Apparently it was.Fast

forward four years when the dot com bubble burst. I lost my banner ad programs just like that! Also PayPal quit doing the five bucks for new accounts. So I basically lost all my income in like two weeks.So it was back to a regular job for me. This was Probably the best thing

to happen to me. I never quit trying to get back to that freedom that I once had. My inner lazy bastard was constantly clawing at me to get back out. About 2014 I made a money goal. That goal was the best thing I ever did. In 2016 I finally made enough money that is 98

percent passive and strong enough to last any recession that I quit working my regular again, this time for good! Yes It took too long but I am here to show people how not to make mistakes and just do what I did in the last 1.5 years to skyrocket my income!

See you Above The Grind!